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Poetry Analysis Workshop for close reading activity with Australian Poet Henry Lawson's 'Bush Hay'. This great Australian poem is an interesting study - with Lawson writing about one man's early days in Australia - working hard to make a new life for himself making bush hay.


Workshop takes 2-4 lessons. This great poem analysis can be printed in a small booklet. Perfect for snippets of analytical thinking and textual analysis practice between other units, or for a reliever or substitute teacher - everything needed is included.


Perfect for students in Upper High School - New Zealand Years 11-13, Australia Years 10-12, USA Years 10-12, and Britain Years 10-12 (Key Stage 4-5).



  • A list of language techniques to look for
  • A poet webquest page
  • An analysis grid
  • Questions on the text
  • A language features page to focus on two chosen language features
  • 4 great extension tasks for students to choose from
  • A sample marking schedule
  • Teacher sample analysis notes




10 page Australian poetry close reading workshop

Poetry Close Reading BUSH HAY Henry Lawson