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This great PERSUASIVE WRITING UNIT walks Junior Secondary English students through Persuasive language techniques and analysis.


Perfect as a persuasive writing unit for High School English students in Years 7-10 studying persuasive language techniques.


This unit look at the basics of Persuasive Writing before diving into an analysis of the language of persuasion together. After that, students go on to follow the step-by-step graphic organisers and write their own persuasive essay.


The print and go student booklet is accompanied by teacher notes, a unit plan and marking schedule.


Save time and energy - let me do the work for you!



1. A 25-page print-and-go student booklet with -

  • Introduction to persuasive writing
  • persuasive language terms
  • the art of persuasion
  • Analysing a persuasive speech script
  • Coming up with a persuasive topic
  • Planning and writing pages, broken down into easy steps
  • Sample essay marking schedule
  • sample teaching plan
  • teacher keys
  • and more...


This complete persuasive language study unit was created for Year 9 - Year 11 students in Australia and New Zealand but can be used around the world for a similar purpose - you may just need to tweak the marking schedule to suit your schooling system.


This product contains some British English spelling.


25 pages

2 weeks

PDF document (student workbook and sample teacher unit)

Years 7-10

Rubric included



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