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This complete unit helps Secondary English students through a CREATIVE WRITING TASK based around a MORAL DILEMMA.


Perfect for a Year 10, Year 11 or Year 12 English writing task.

This could be easily sent home for distance learning during Coronavirus restrictions :)


This unit is based on a personal moral dilemma, real or imagined. Students choose a dilemma and think about the value which come into play when considering the choices. Students then plan and write a creative narrative which takes into account audience, purpose and message.



  • 24-page print-and-go student booklet with task sheet, planning pages, analysis of moral dilemma texts, editing checklist and marking schedule.
  • Teaching plan


This complete creative writing unit is suitable for all classes at the secondary level in Australia & New Zealand who are learning to write creative text. Particularly for students of approximately 15-17 years of age: New Zealand Year 11-13 students, Australian Year 10 -12 students, and UK Key Stage 3-4 students. This product has British English spelling throughout.



PDF Document

3 Weeks

Answer Keys /Marking Sheet included

Teaching Plan

24 Pages

Years 10-12 Secondary English Students

Creative Writing Complete Unit Secondary MORAL DILEMMA Narrative


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