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BACK TO SCHOOL DIAGNOSTIC TASKS for Year 11 Secondary English including a class quiz, diagnostic test, class expectations and work expectations poster. Perfect to professionally set up the first 2-3 classes in your classroom.


1. A ‘Quick Quiz’ with a range of fun questions for your class to answer on the first day back. Questions include both silly items (colour of socks) and useful ones for the teacher (best school subject). (2 pages) Fully editable Word Document.


2. A Diagnostic test to help you with your initial familiarisation with your students. Covers editing, a few terminology questions, some homonym questions, and an extended writing section. (2 pages) Fully editable Word Document.


3.Class Expectations to go through on the first day. Covers a range of topics such as discipline, lateness, homework and more. (2 pages) Fully editable Word Document. (1 page)


4. 1 Page Poster of Student Work Expectations. Non Editable. PDF.


* Suits students of approximately 15 years of age: New Zealand Year 10/11 students, Australian Year 9/10 students, and UK Key Stage 4 students




1. Quick Quiz Get-To-Know-You

2. Short diagnostic test

3. Class Expectations

4. Work Expectations Poster




Zipped File including Word and PDF docs.

Year 11

7 Pages

2-3 days duration




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Year 11 English BACK TO SCHOOL Diagnostic Tasks Class Expectations Quiz


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