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Coronavirus Experience - whatever that looks like for you!


Some tasks are directly about COVID19 and others are about life at home and during lockdown. Some are about sharing with others what life is like for students, and can be shared with others.


Easy to follow tasks with lots of creative opportunities. Write letters, poems, kindness cards, goal setting and creative banners to design and decorate.


Some tasks have harder or easier versions to suit different learners. Due to this, the pack should suit most students in Years 4-10.


Perfect for any student or child at home, but also suitable for English class distance learning.


The pack includes:

  • A Letter to a future student OR a letter of Advice
  • Study Survival List
  • Goal Setting
  • Kindness Cards
  • Acrostic Poems
  • Limerick Poems
  • Writing Prompts
  • Creative Banner and/or Sign
  • Hello Neighbour/ Thank you / You're Awesome cards


Get kids learning while they do fun activities, and create work they can be really proud of. And stay safe! :)


34 Pages

COVID19 Activity Pack for CORONAVIRUS Fun Tasks


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