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Wise Words. Show Appreciation.

Why is showing a little appreciation so hard for a perfectionist?

As someone who expects a lot from herself, I have sometimes struggled to be generous with bestowing positive sentiment upon others, particularly if that other is my spouse haha.

Let's be honest, who doesn't want their significant other to be an all-round superhero?

But. Well. That doesn't leave much room for humanity, right? Or personality. Or creativity. Or flexibility. Any of the 'ity's' really.

AND... well.. we all have blinkered spots, don't we? Things we like to pretend we don't notice about ourselves as we hold others to an impossibly high standard. Such as, I don't know... being inflexible? Not wanting to listen to someone else's idea of how the veggie garden should look? Hmm..

The bottom line is: do you want to work with them or against them? Do you want to complement or compete?

Come on, people. We can do it. Together.

With a little appreciation to grease the wheels.




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