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This easy to use and comprehensive booklet on Oral Presentations or Speeches will make teaching your students about giving a speech simple. Includes a printable student booklet, teacher unit, in-depth resources and answer keys.


This complete reading unit suits any Junior Secondary English class in Australia & New Zealand. Perfect for students of approximately 13-14 years of age: New Zealand Year 10 or 11 students, Australian Year 8 or 9 students, and UK Key Stage 3 students. This product has British English spelling throughout.


The speech booklet covers everything you need for your Junior Secondary speech assessment. The easy-to-follow student booklet steps kids through a range of skills, dramatic activities, and speaking tasks to prepare them for giving a formal speech at the end of the unit.


Just print, hand out, and walk students through it.


Product Includes:

  • Pre-unit survey
  • Terminology for speeches
  • Games and activities to get students speaking in front of their peers
  • Formal and informal language activities
  • Comprehensive speech-making skills notes
  • Graphic organiser template for speech writing
  • Marking Schedule
  • Teacher resources & keys


Suitable for all classes at the lower secondary level – Years 9, 10 & 11 New Zealand, Years 8, 9, 10 Australia for a guide.



Student booklet for Writing, Preparing and Presenting a Speech



Oral Presentations Complete Speech Unit for Lower High School