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Free 'CoronaKindness' Challenge for Kids

Download and enjoy this free Kindness Challenge from Tea4Teacher!

So I imagine you've been hit hard by this crazy Coronavirus things the same way we have, or worse.

Life has basically been shut down here in New Zealand and we are doing our best to focus on what's important amongst the crazy of what's urgent and noisy.

I spent my first week of lockdown making plans but not feeling like actually getting any of them done. I was reading a whole lot of stuff on social media and feeling very unsettled. I got an extra week study leave from my counselling degree (I'm studying again!) and I was very unmotivated in pretty much every area. Prior to kids, I would have spent lockdown blissfully lazing about watching Netflix, but with 2 littles, life isn't quite so noncommital and relaxed. We still have to wake up early every morning, still have to keep to a basic routine around meals and bedtime and activity. The saving grace has turned out to be that the kids play really nicely together a lot of the time, and make up little games to stay entertained. And that gives me space sometimes to cook or do a project, or work on the computer. I'm very grateful for that! I've even managed to unpack and sort out all the remaining boxes from our 1/3-packed container which has been sitting out front of the shed for almost 3 years. That alone is a good enough achievement and I'm resting on my laurels for now haha.

And one little project was that I put together a free set of acts of kindness ideas which kids can do over a set period of time - a month or a week - and focus on being kind at home even with all the drama going on outside. I thought maybe other families might benefit from it as well, with schools shutting down around the world. And then TPT showcased it in their weekly bulletin, and I'm now up to 13,000 downloads. Crazy! So fun to think so many people might be using and enjoying something I made. Hopefully it brings a little extra happiness to lots of home.

If you'd like a copy, just download and print from the Freebies section, and you can cut them apart for random drawing out of a jar or hat, or you can simply stick them to the wall and have kids cross off the ones they have completed. Have fun!

All the best for the crazy time of life. I hope you are safe and well, and you don't lose someone precious. It's shocking how many people have been affected by this thing. Stay home, make good choices. Be well. And enjoy a little kindness from NZ :)

Just click on the image below to be taken to the free download! Find it in the Freebies Section!



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