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This complete FILM STUDY UNIT unit walks High School English students through a thorough film analysis using Kevin Reynolds 'The Count of Monte Cristo'.


This unit is all about understanding how visual techniques are used to communicate meaning in film. Students will achieve excellent depth of understanding of the film, and will know it 'inside out.'


The print-and-go student booklet is accompanied by all teacher notes, a unit plan, keys for marking. You will need to purchase the film.



1. A 40-page print-and-go student booklet with -

  • Pre-watching activities
  • Post-watching discussion
  • Post-watching focus on film storytelling
  • Film techniques list
  • Analysis sheets for a variety of scenes, characters and themes
  • Analysis sheets for Setting, Symbols, Motif, Mis-en-scene and Montage
  • Bloopers
  • Essay Questions


3. Teacher Resources, including:

  • A teacher unit plan,
  • Answer Keys for activities and many analysis pages.


This complete FILM STUDY UNIT is suitable for high school English students in who are learning to analyse and understand film techniques. Great for students of approximately 13-15 years of age: US Lower High School students, New Zealand Year 9, 10 or 11 students, Australian Year 8, 9 or 10 students, and UK Key Stage 3 students.


Note: This product has British English spelling throughout, but I do try to avoid words that cause conflict wherever possible.




42 Pages

FILM STUDY The Count of Monte Cristo HIGH SCHOOL ENGLISH Film Analysis


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