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FAQ + Store Policy

Digital Files Information

All files bought on this site are digital. You will receive an email after purchase which gives you access via instant download. As such, there are no refunds available for this type of product, so please choose carefully prior to purchase.

Common file types are PDF, Powerpoint, and Word, Zip files and Google Docs links in PDF.

If for some reason your file does not arrive, or you cannot open the file, please contact me via the online contact form.

Zipped Files

Sometimes multiple file types, or very large documents, are Zipped to reduce file size during transmission and need to be unzipped prior to use. In your downloads, if you right-click on the file, and click 'Extract' - this will give you access to all full files.

Return & Correction Policy

As you have instant access to your file and can make copies immediately, there is no refund available on digital files. However, should you find an error or issue with the product which you feel affects its suitability for use, please contact me via the online contact form and I will do my best to  rectify the situation as soon as humanly possible. I take pride in my work and am interested in your happiness  and satisfaction with my products. 

Product Requests

When time permits, I am certainly willing to create for you! If there is a product along the lines of something you see in my store, or there is something else you would like to see here, please drop me a suggestion via the online contact form!

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