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This complete unit walks Secondary English students step-by-step through their first high-school style Text Response Essay. Perfect for early Year 9 or Year 10 English when you begin asking them to write on higher-order, double-barrelled questions, and expecting them to quote and reference texts throughout their essays.


I know you already have plenty of essay writing sheets, but this is a single, clear, well-formatted and easy to follow guide for students that will give them everything they need to know, and help them feel confident in writing text response essays. You can feel confident making big promises to them - if they learn and use this format, they will do well in their exams. That's what I promise my students when I use this booklet.



1. A 20-page print-and-go student booklet with -

  • Understanding essay questions
  • Essay structure posters
  • Writing an essay introduction
  • Writing essay body paragraphs
  • Writing an essay conclusion
  • Quoting & punctuating quotes
  • Connectives
  • Writing a first text response essay using a template
  • Editing checklist
  • Sample essay marking schedule


2. A 2-page teacher unit plan.


This complete essay writing unit is suitable for all classes at the secondary level in Australia & New Zealand who are learning to write text response essays. I have taught in both countries and used the same essay-writing system with great success. Particularly for students of approximately 13-14 years of age: New Zealand Year 9 or 10 students, Australian Year 8 or 9 students, and UK Key Stage 3 students. This product has British English spelling throughout.


24 pages

Text Response Essay Writing Unit


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