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Get your students learning Te Reo Māori by discovering their whakapapa while completing this cute mihi booklet. Strengthen kids' te reo Māori knowledge and cultural understanding by having them fill out their own mihi booklet, by either drawing images or cutting out and sticking images into the spaces provided.


At the end they will have a creative and personal booklet of their own whakapapa. A great little keepsake to take home!


16 possible pages - you may use them all or you may only want to choose some depending on the age of your students. Choose the mihi pages from the full set of options and make a personalised book for each student, or just choose the main pages and go with those.


This can be as simple or as creative as you want to make it. 3 design options are included - very plain for kids who want to spend more time colouring and designing, with border, or with border and maori clipart images for extra interest. In any case, encourage students to explore Māori symbols and patterns and use them in their mihi booklet.



18 pages

Te Reo Māori MIHI BOOKLET Printable Personal Mihi Book