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A super cute LITTLE SCIENTISTS CRAZY EXPERIMENTS Paper Dolls set with scientists, bunsen burners, beakers, magnets and more to inspire imaginary play - just print and play!


A fun range of images for your Preschool or Kindergarten child to enjoy dramatic play dreaming up curing cancer or inventing some new and amazing gadget :)


These are great to print on thick card paper and fold the bases under for table play (they could paint up a nice backdrop!). Use sticky putty to attach small pieces so that they can be added and removed as desired.


as I like to do, laminate the cut images and use sticky putty so they can create their fun scene on a door, laminated surface or window and move things around without them being in anyone's way.


Great for a travel game! On a trip in a car or plane, just find a large tray of some kind and let them make their scenes in the back seat for as long as they like. :)

Paper Dolls CRAZY SCIENTISTS Imaginative Play

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