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Poetry Analysis Workshop for close reading activity with Kenneth Slessor's 'Beach Burial'. This great poem is perfect for looking at the the cost of war and the way everyone is made the same in death.


Workshop takes 2-3 lessons. This great poem analysis can be printed in a small booklet. Perfect for snippets of analytical thinking and textual analysis practice between other units, or for a reliever or substitute teacher - everything needed is included.


Perfect for students in Upper High School - New Zealand Years 11-13, Australia Years 10-12, USA Years 10-12, and Britain Years 10-12 (Key Stage 4-5).



  • A list of language techniques to look for
  • A poet webquest
  • An analysis grid
  • A language features page to focus on two chosen language features
  • 4 great extension tasks for students to choose from
  • A sample marking schedule
  • Teacher sample analysis notes




10 page poetry close reading workshop

Kenneth Slessor BEACH BURIAL Poetry Analysis Close Reading Workshop