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Super cute Pre-Kindy Easter Maths puzzles to help preschool aged children practice their number recognition and counting. 


Easter bunnies, eggs, baskets, chickens - a great variety of cute Easter scenes for learning number ordering and multiplication tables. Excellent for Maths Centres and counting to ten.


Pack includes:

  • 5 cute puzzles with numbers 1-5 and 5-10 for preschool aged children.
  • 10 puzzles with missing numbers for kids to fill in.


Each simple puzzle counts with numbers between 1-10 (or the Multiplication Tables) and has great images which show different aspects of Easter, and can be easily laminated (if desired) and cut apart so that kids can have fun putting them back together many times.


For a challenge for slightly older kids, give them 2 puzzles at once and have them work out which is which! And for little ones, just give them one puzzle and help them use the numbers 1-10 (or the Times Tables) to order the strips of paper and create the image. Great fun!

Easter Pre-K Counting Puzzles

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