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A cute EASTER Bingo Game for students to practice basic addition skills with numbers 1-20 to celebrate Easter.


Bunnies, eggs, tulips and cute animals are included - and the game can be used in two ways - either as a lower lever number recognition bingo, or a higher level addition skills game.


Simply print enough game sheets and covers for each player, and one set of master pictures for the drawer to hold up, and the race is on to shout out, 'Bingo!!' The kids love this one :)


Such a fun little printable Maths game for Easter.


Included in this resource are:

  • 25 different game sheets
  • 'Got it' covers to place over the matching images
  • Question cards or master number cards to play easier or harder versions with.
  • Instructions


Everything you need to encourage your little munchkins with their addition skills at Eastertime!

Easter Bingo Game ADDITION Game

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