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This fun reward system consists of a cute bright landscape background and bright kites to earn as students manage their behavior appropriately and work towards a common goal or reward. Students can earn more kites every time they do the right thing!


Used as a whole class or single student system, this incentive system rewards students for each step they take towards their goal and helps teachers reinforce correct actions and answers. Includes options for color and number of incentives.


Can be used for school classrooms, children at home, single students with particular behaviors you want to curb, kids working with teacher aides or therapists, or VIPKid teachers doing online teaching. So many uses.


Use as a token board or reward board to record progress towards their goals, and create a visual reminder of how they are doing.



  • Landscape backgrounds in 5 color options.
  • Kites in different sizes, depending on how many you want students to earn. (You can add 3, 5, 10, 15 or 20 as you see fit!)


Simply laminate the background and reward pieces, and then add them to the background as students earn them with double-sided tape or silly putty.



9 pages

PreK, K-7


Class Reward System KITES Classroom Management Token System

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