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A cute BIBLE BINGO GAME for Christian kids learning all about Bible characters, symbols and stories. King David, Ruth, Queen Esther, Joseph, David and Goliath and heaps more Bible stories included in this cute printable Bible game set.

Two Designs to choose from!!

This product includes BOTH economical print option with plain game sheets, AND a more colorful option with brightly colored game sheets. You choose!


+ GOOGLE Docs game READY (link in PDF)


Simply print enough game sheets and covers for each player, and one set of space pictures for the drawer to hold up, and the race is on to shout out, 'Bingo!!' The kids love this one :)


Included in this resource are:

  • 25 different game sheets
  • 'Got it' covers to place over the matching images
  • A master set of images to draw from.
  • Instructions


Everything you need to encourage your little munchkin to enjoy their love of Bible stories and characters, and learn more about Christian history.


You can also use these cards as word wall vocabulary, print 2 of the master images to play Memory or matching games, sorting games, or use as flashcards.

Bible Bingo Game