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A 20-page fully editable, printable Text Study Booklet which sets you up for the text or novel study of your choice. Simply add some clipart to the cover, copy and paste some chapter questions (if you desire to), and print off the booklet for your students.


While perfect for Australian and New Zealand Secondary English students, this will suit any novel study where teachers wish to ensure their students complete comprehension, analysis and essay preparation tasks.


An excellent and hugely time-saving resource to make life easy for English teachers. Suitable for a secondary text study, this booklet is nicely designed and ready for printing. Presented in a bright and colourful colours. For a classic green copy, see the other version of this in the links below :)


It includes:

  • Editable title page
  • Novel/Text study literary terms
  • Editing on the author activity
  • Chapter questions pages (3)
  • Character file pages (3)
  • Setting page
  • Assessing the text page
  • Character development page
  • Symbols in the text page
  • Creative pages involving text knowledge and quotations (2)
  • Essay structure page
  • Essay planning page
  • Essay writing pages (3)

….. everything you need for an interesting and informative text study.


Best suited for middle to senior secondary school - Years 10-12 Australia or 11-13 New Zealand - this booklet will make life super-easy for you when planning your next Secondary English text study.. or two, or five..


Before printing, the novel study booklet just needs a few easy additions by you, and then it can be printed out for each student, ready to go. You simply need to add some clipart and a title on the cover, a short paragraph on the author, and chapter questions appropriate for your text. (If you choose.)


So easy.

ANY NOVEL TEXT STUDY Editable Booklet Suits Secondary Novel or Short Text