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Vocabulary: The Best Way is Play

Interested in improving your kids' vocabulary? How do I help my children best when it comes to language development and growth? The best way is through play. You can do all the flashcards you like, but that is relying on your child's short term memory, and if words are not then used in conversation or play, retention is likely to be low. Supported free play encourages many repetitions of words without making learning feel like work, and kids will stick with their learning much longer if it feels like they are having fun, enjoying social connection, and in control.

One of my most popular games for vocabulary development are my BINGO GAMES - Vehicles, Pirates, Dinosaurs, Animals and many more - as well as seasonal games. Bingo is simple to play and can be played with a few or many children. Kids are prompted to use a variety of descriptive vocabulary - especially if they are encouraged to describe and name attributes of each object as they are pulled from the playing deck to see if it matches one of their own. The games are themed and kids can learn a lot of different words around a single topic to increase their vocabulary depth and confidence

Another super fun set of resources for developing vocabulary through play are my PAPER DOLLS SETS. These come in cute themed packs - from Cowboys to Mermaids to Fairytales to Astronauts - and can be used as paper dolls with the folded stands, or as I like them, cut out and laminated to use with sticky putty on a window. These cute imaginative play sets inspire storytelling and social play as kids act out scenarios and stories, and use lots of great vocabulary in the process! Also awesome as a travel game with either sticky putty or magnets on a large baking tray.

Kids also LOVE treasure hunts! I've created some SIGHT WORD FIND AND TRACE GAMES where the teacher or parent hides the sight word cards all over (make it as easy or as hard as your kids can handle!) and then kids run around finding them. As they bring them back, they can either say the sight word to you, or find it on the provided Sight Word Worksheets and write or trace over the matching sight words! This is a great way to make sight words hands-on and active while still providing lots of opportunity for repetition!

>These are fully editable - so you can use them with the provided Dolch Sight Words, or add your own!

And one final idea for you is Story stones! Sometimes, decoupage and finding rocks is just too painful (lol!), so I have created these super cute PRINTABLE STORY STONES SETS - where you can laminate the word and image 'stones' and kids can choose or draw out ones they like, order them as they want, and then tell or write a store based on their chosen Story Stone story prompts! Helpful organiser worksheets included, as well as a range of cute papers to write (or dictate) their final story on!

> > Find these great products and more in the K-2 Seasonal Section of my store!!

That's all from me today! I wish you all the best with your vocabulary-boosting efforts :) And I'm sure if you play your way through the games above, the kids will find the learning fun and easy!

All the best!


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