• Anna

Dinosaur Games & Activities for K-2

My son just loves a Dinosaur activity! Doesn't really matter what it is, long as it's full of spikes and claws and big teeth lol. As a result, you'll find a number of fun dinosaur-themed activities for little kiddies in my store! Here are a few we love...

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Dinosaur Bingo! Learn colours and dino-related descriptive vocabulary as kids look closely to find dinos that match their game sheet!

Dinosaur Rewards - these cute incentive systems work just like a sticker chart - kids earn dinosaurs for good behaviour and are rewarded at the end when they have earned a chosen number. These great reward systems work just like token boards and are great for the whole class or a single child! My son will do pretty much anything to earn his dinos and see them adding up on the background poster!

Dinosaur Sight Words - Create a treasure hunt in your home or classroom, and get kids finding and tracing their sight words on the cute worksheets!

Dinosaur BOOM Cards

If you 've not yet discovered the fun of BOOM cards, head over and create a free account today! SO many cute games - all digital and no-prep, ready to download and play! I have these cute Dino games available in my TPT store - Dinosaur Sight Words, Dinosaur Colour Matching, and Dinosaur Picture Matching.

You can also Buy BOOM Cards directly from my BOOM store using credits, head over to BOOM using THIS LINK and use the search tool to find the Dinosaur games below lots of other great games in my Boom store - Dinosaur Describing, Dinosaur Compare and Contrast, and Dinosaur Which One is Different! :) A newbie is a fun Storytelling Dramatic Play game where kids move the pieces around to make their own fun and tell stories.

Hope that helps with you dinosaur fun this year! May your kids be ever entertained! hehe :)

Cheers for now,