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Australian Poetry Analysis Workshops :)

From the sunburnt plains to a crazy cyclist to a showdown between poets who love and hate the country, Australian poetry is fun and full of character, much like Aussies, right?

My poetry workshops are easy-to-follow, print-and-go poetry comprehension worksheets on well-known Aussie poets. Make poetry analysis easy for students as they complete comprehension questions, examine language techniques, and complete engaging extension tasks. These poetry worksheets include heaps of valuable learning activities to engage students as they understand and analyse Australian poetry.

Each set includes:

  • A list of language techniques to look for

  • A poet web-quest page

  • An analysis grid

  • Questions on the text

  • A language features page to focus on two chosen language features

  • 4 great extension tasks for students to choose from

  • A sample marking schedule

  • Teacher sample analysis notes

So simple. You can use all the sheets and take a week to complete it as a meaty chunk to delve into a favourite poem, or chop and choose activities to break down the task into a shorter 1-2 day activity. You could even just use it as a single-day activity, with kids reading the poem and completing either a single extension task or completing the ready-to-go question sheet. So flexible.

I often feel frustrated as a teacher - looking for a quick but meaty activity to set for a few days between other units of study - to reach that hidden curriculum we're meant to fit in between the 'real' work, am I right? Comprehension, thinking skills, analysis, study skills, note-taking, annotation.. so many skills to get across. These workshops are the perfect way to fit in these things throughout the year, just slot in one a term or so and you can really hone in on these necessary skills without feeling like you're wasting oodles of time.

These are also perfect to have in your file for a rainy day - when half the school is out doing swimming practice, or for a decent relief activity (the reliever can read the analysis notes and be right on top of it!).

Let me save you some time trying to find something worthwhile to study - have a look at some Aussie greats, teach the kids about some history about the 'good old days', and always have something up your sleeve for a rainy day.


xx Anna from Tea4Teacher



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