Easter Games and Activities for K-2

Games & Activities for Easter Fun in 2021

Well, 2021 might not being going quite as smoothly (or differently to 2020) as we all hoped. What a pain! I hope you are safe and feeling sound wherever you are.

This Easter, Tea4Teacher has a great range of cute and engaging Easter activities for you to keep the kids busy!

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Easter Bingo

This super popular Easter Bingo Game is a hit with the kids as they learn Easter vocabulary and good social skills. Students must pay attention and match images shown by the game leader to those on their own board. As they see images they have, they cover each one with a 'got it' card, and when all images are covered, they yell out, 'BINGO!' and win the game! You can also play for 4 in a row to simplify the game for Pre-K children.

Easter Pre-K Counting Puzzles

This fun Easter Number Puzzles set has littles counting from 1-10 as they sort the numbers into the correct order and complete the cute Easter puzzle! For an extra challenge, some puzzles in the set have missing numbers that students can write onto laminated puzzles with a whiteboard marker! Super cute Easter Counting fun!

Easter Number Clip Game

This fun Easter Number Clip game gets kids to count and use number recognition to clip a clothing peg on the matching number. Kids love to get hands-on with their counting, and these cute counting cards are always a hit!

Easter Bingo Game - Addition Version

This fun Easter Bingo Game Addition Version creates a great addition challenge adding numbers from 1 to 20! Kids need to work out the sum of the numbers shown on the leaders card to work out which number to cover on their Bingo board! A fun addition practice game, great for students in Years 1-3.

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I hope these games inject some Easter cuteness and fun into your class this Easter!

All the best!


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